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Dress - Miss Sixty via Beaon's Closet; Belt - ??; Shoes - Payless years ago

Yesterday was Marc’s and my two year anniversary, and we celebrated by dressing up and going to P.F. Chang’s. We had originally planned on going to some fancy pants restaurant/club, but at the last minute we (read: I) decided we were really craving Mongolian beef. Also, I didn’t want to do anything extravagant; I like our life, and I’m never happier than when he and I are at one of our favorite restaurants, eating yummy food, holding hands under the table, and swapping witty banter to the amusement of our waiter. I wanted to celebrate the two years we’ve spent together by doing just that, and it was an amazing night. I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us.

I love this dress. It’s so forgiving AND it has pockets. What’s not to love?! I must say, I felt pretty hot last night. Also, I got this Miss Sixty dress for $15 dollars at Beacon’s Closet. You can’t beat that!

I never wear heels (though I’m working on changing that), so the fact that I did shows what a special occasion this was! Confession: these were off my feet by the time my butt hit the car seat, and I slipped on flats before we even got to the restaurant. Whoops. I just bought new heels today (see post below) that I’m SO EXCITED to wear, so maybe sometime soon I’ll be an all heels, all the time, kind of gal. (Probably not.)

Marc looked gorgeous. ❤ He got a haircut yesterday, so he looked even yummier than usual! I’m a lucky lady.

I’m so glad I get to spend everyday loving this man. 🙂


I can’t wait to wear these!

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I love these shoes soooo much! Thank you, Target. ❤

I want my life to look like this music video.

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Goodbye, Winter

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This outfit is from two days ago, and as you can see Winter is very much over in Miami. It’s so crazy how it can go from freezing to sweltering in a matter of 24 hours! I shouldn’t complain though because when I get back to school at the end of March, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be greeted by snow and twenty degree temperatures.

T-shirt, Belt - F21; Skirt - ??; Sandals - Target; Watch - Guess (gift)

I stole the jump idea from my friend Kristel (hi Kristel!). Except she actually looked cute doing it, haha. I look… abnormally excited? Deranged? I guess I was excited about having bare legs for the first time in months. It was a momentous occasion!

My toes hadn’t seen the light of day for so long! I swear I heard them take in a deep breath of sunshine. Metaphorically, of course. I know I took a few deep breaths. Except, here’s a secret about me that not many people know: I love the cold. I love layers, boots, hats, tights. I think it’s so much easier to be creative with fashion when the temperatures are lower. There’s just so much more to work with. I think it has a lot to do with having grown up in Miami, too. I’m over constant warmth. I love seasons, especially Autumn and Spring, and you don’t really get that in Miami. That’s why I’m dragging Marc to New York as soon as I graduate. 😉

This was definitely a happy day. It’s crazy how sunshine can make me so giddy, so quickly. Marc helped, too. ❤ There will definitely be a lot of light in our home when we move up north. Winter grey can depress the best of us! (Hahaha, my eyes are totally closed in the picture above, and I just noticed. Too late now!)

Side note: Marc and I have begun jogging, and whew! who knew exercise was so taxing?! The first day we went, I legitimately thought I was going to pass out in a heap of exhaustion, sweat, and shame. I’m definitely not in shape! It’s gotten easier each time we’ve gone though, so I know my body knows how to exercise, which is relief because I haven’t done it in, um, twenty years or so. Whoops. I need to lose some college/holiday weight that’s been building up for the past months because it’s starting to get annoying/unhealthy looking. I’ll chart my progress (read: embarrassing  jogging anecdotes) here, for the merriment and entertainment of anyone who decides to read.

Sorry for all of the pictures; it was just so pretty out, and Marc kept snapping away! I think he’s secretly enjoying his stint as my personal photographer, for no other reason then he gets to boss me around (“Stand here,” “Pose like that,” “No, like this“).

But I turned the tables on him!

And of course he had to make a goofy face.

See what I deal with?

“Beef is what’s for dinner”

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I went to the mall and then dinner with my mom yesterday. She and I tend to have a rocky relationship (mother-daughter fights are more like verbal smack downs, am I right?), so it was nice spending an entire day not arguing. Plus, she bought me a whole bunch of necessities. How can I complain? We had an amazing dinner: delicious sushi and Thai donuts (ADDICTING). It was a really nice day, and I still got to be there when Marc got home, which always makes any day perfect.

I don’t know how I feel about this outfit. It’s… eh. I love the pattern on the dress: it’s made up of little flowers, which is so cute. And I love the boots SO MUCH. I just don’t know how I feel about everything together. I was really comfortable, and I really wanted to wear my new boots (one of yesterday’s purchases). Don’t judge me, haha. I have this problem: as soon as I buy something, I have this compulsive need to wear that very moment, so… I put the boots on at the mall. I have no shame!

Aren’t they awesome? I’ve never had boots before, being a Florida girl and all, so I’m in love! Please don’t be alarmed if I wear them every. single. day. They’re so comfy! I didn’t know boots could be comfortable. I’m very much a flats/sandals kind of girl because they’re easy, cute, and don’t pain my feet in any way, but I think I’ve been converted into a boots girl. I want more more more!

Jacket, Dress - F21; Cami - ??; Tights - Rite Aid; Boots - Steve Madden; Bracelet - Coach; Necklace - Gift

For some reason, the area between our dining room and kitchen has weirdly good lighting. So… sorry for the bathroom door, but it was pitch black outside. The moon was nowhere to be seen, so I had to resort to drastic measures.

Accessories! Love my Coach bracelet and my ice cream cone necklace.

Tonight, Marc and I are going out to dinner so I can show him off. 😉 I think I’m going to drag him to P.F. Chang’s yet again. He must be so sick of Mongolian beef, but I love it so much. I’ve been on a huge Asian cuisine binge these past couple of weeks for some reason. Japanese, Thai, Chinese… I’m craving it all. I wonder if that means something?

Amazing day!

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Yesterday, Marc and I laughed and loved so much. It was honestly the greatest day of 2010! We went to Barnes and Noble because, well, we live there, and I wanted to get the issue of New York Magazine with Christina Hendricks on the cover, which was a no go. Instead I got the new issues of Glamour and Marie Claire, two magazines I rarely read, but I’ve gotten Spring fashion fever and needed a glossy paged fix.

I’m such an intellectual, obviously. Truthfully, I’ve never read “To Kill A Mockingbird,” but it was the only novel in that particular aisle that wasn’t chic-lit or erotica, so… haha.

Cardi, Dress, Belt - F21 (my drug of choice); Cami - Rodarte for Target (on sale for $5!); Tights - Target; Flats -Gap; Necklace - LOFT

And here is my famous “Marc why are you annoying me SO MUCH” face. Adorable, right? I don’t remember what he said, but he deserved it, I swear! He probably made some super lame joke that I first scowled at and then laughed about. Of course, he had to catch the scowl. Anyway, I love this outfit. I was so so so comfy all day, and still managed to look put together and cute. Some might say pairing a brown belt with black tights and black flats isn’t the most fashion-y idea, but I really think it works here. I just love how relaxed and laid back this outfit is. *sigh* If only I could dress comfy everyday.

Don’t I look so ballerina-esque from the calf down?

“Oh, hey, I didn’t see you there because I was too busy being intellectual and perusing deep and thoughtful novels about female erotica. Whoops.” Seriously, why is B&N displaying such scandalous literature (can you even call it that?) for everyone to see? Isn’t that stuff supposed to be locked away? I can’t ever get those cover images out of my head! This is the section Marc chose to take pictures in. Thanks, honey! :p

Out of the ordinary.

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Wheee! Marc and I took our demon dog, Oreo, to the dog park today, so she could get some much needed romping done. What. A. Disaster. I may look giddy and adorable in the above picture, but Oreo made me grit my teeth in fear quite a few times. I didn’t exactly choose a dog park friendly outfit today, and Oreo decided she absolutely needed to jump in every single puddle, roll her sopping wet body all over the place, and run at me excitedly like she did something so. great. Talk about heart palpitations! Luckily, I avoided any mud stains. I’m an agile girl.

This wasn’t what I originally put on today, but we went to Anthropologie and I found this amazingly cute necklace (for only $10!), and got inspired to put together an entirely different outfit. I like this one much better than the first, so yay! I don’t know about most people, but my best outfits happen when one particular piece inspires me, and I just start grabbing at things in my closet that I feel go with it, without second guessing or looking back. I don’t know why. I guess my personal fashion intuition is pretty spot on!

Vest - F21, Tank -Target, Skirt - F21, Tights - Target, Flats - F21, Ring - F21, Necklace - Anthropologie

I took these pictures on top of a picnic table in front of a dog park full of people, and I didn’t recede in shame once! I was so proud of myself. Everyone there probably thought I looked like a weirdo, but I had a lot of fun playing model to Marc’s photographer.

Sorry for the blur in this picture, but I like it too much not to include it. My skirt and my vest were both incredibly swingy, which means I was in heaven all day! I love a good swishy skirt, but a swishy skirt AND a swishy vest? How perfect is that?

I really like the intricate design on the back of my vest, mostly because it’s not something I’d normally wear, and I totally bought it on a whim on the way to the checkout line without even trying it on, so I’m impressed with myself for finding a way to make it work for me. Haha, two of my curls snuck into the picture! 😉

That “I love you” was for my photographer! ❤ And there's Oreo traipsing around in the background, like the silly puppy she is. Also, how awesome are these tights?? It may have been just a smidgen too warm out to warrant the wearing of tights, but I did it anyway! I'm obviously a rebel (or glutton for sweaty punishment).

Isn’t this ring awesome? I’m not one for big finger jewelry, but I really love this particular ring. Huh, this outfit is full of things I wouldn’t normally wear: my vest, my ring, the combination of bright pink with light pink. That’s so exciting! I didn’t even realize I was being adventurous when I put this outfit on this afternoon, but I’m really happy about it.

And there go Marc and Oreo, running away from the girl lugging all the bags (me!).

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