“Beef is what’s for dinner”

February 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

I went to the mall and then dinner with my mom yesterday. She and I tend to have a rocky relationship (mother-daughter fights are more like verbal smack downs, am I right?), so it was nice spending an entire day not arguing. Plus, she bought me a whole bunch of necessities. How can I complain? We had an amazing dinner: delicious sushi and Thai donuts (ADDICTING). It was a really nice day, and I still got to be there when Marc got home, which always makes any day perfect.

I don’t know how I feel about this outfit. It’s… eh. I love the pattern on the dress: it’s made up of little flowers, which is so cute. And I love the boots SO MUCH. I just don’t know how I feel about everything together. I was really comfortable, and I really wanted to wear my new boots (one of yesterday’s purchases). Don’t judge me, haha. I have this problem: as soon as I buy something, I have this compulsive need to wear that very moment, so… I put the boots on at the mall. I have no shame!

Aren’t they awesome? I’ve never had boots before, being a Florida girl and all, so I’m in love! Please don’t be alarmed if I wear them every. single. day. They’re so comfy! I didn’t know boots could be comfortable. I’m very much a flats/sandals kind of girl because they’re easy, cute, and don’t pain my feet in any way, but I think I’ve been converted into a boots girl. I want more more more!

Jacket, Dress - F21; Cami - ??; Tights - Rite Aid; Boots - Steve Madden; Bracelet - Coach; Necklace - Gift

For some reason, the area between our dining room and kitchen has weirdly good lighting. So… sorry for the bathroom door, but it was pitch black outside. The moon was nowhere to be seen, so I had to resort to drastic measures.

Accessories! Love my Coach bracelet and my ice cream cone necklace.

Tonight, Marc and I are going out to dinner so I can show him off. 😉 I think I’m going to drag him to P.F. Chang’s yet again. He must be so sick of Mongolian beef, but I love it so much. I’ve been on a huge Asian cuisine binge these past couple of weeks for some reason. Japanese, Thai, Chinese… I’m craving it all. I wonder if that means something?


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