A day and five flights of stairs too late.

March 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Um, hi. So I’m back at school (today was the second day of classes), and that explains my lack of posting these past few days. Marc and my mom drove me up Friday night – Sunday morning (in the words of my cousin Dominick: “I don’t drive. I get driven.”), which was probably the longest three days of my life. Cars aren’t big, just in case you didn’t know, and that means that every time I got out at a gas station or sustenance center, it looked like I was a paraplegic taking my first steps. I was a cramped leg mess, and I was grouchy, but Marc was there, and I got to listen to whatever I wanted on the radio, so it wasn’t so terrible.

I don’t have any outfit shots because 1) I need to order a tripod, 2) it’s been raining since I got here (Hello, New Hampshire!), and 3) classes are life consuming and all encompassing on day two, what the fuck? I’m going to try to order a tripod tomorrow with some of the money my school gave me for books and such (pfft), so that I can start taking regular photos again.

For now? Pictures of Oreo.

Isn’t this dog just the most? You may ask, “The most what?” JUST THE MOST. That’s it. She’s so great she defies adjectives.

Oh, the title of my post is in reference to the five flights of stairs that lead up to my dorm room. Five. Flights. Is that even legal? What happened to child labor laws? I shouldn’t have to walk up FIVE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS so I can sit in my room and do nothing. What is this? Am I supposed to seriously get up five flights of stairs when I’m inebriated, delirious, and wobbly? Where did I go wrong?

Also, yes, I realize I’m posting that first photo for the second time, but come on, seriously.


Why are you following me?

March 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

Chambray shirt, Oxfords - F21; Coral Dress - Thrifted F21;

Marc was all up in my grill today playing Mr. Paparazzi. He would not stop following me around. He’s lucky I think he’s cute, or he’d be in a lot of trouble. ; )

I was really sick last night and today, and fiance only worked a half-day so he could come home and take care of me. Luckily his job allows their employees to take sick days if their significant other isn’t feeling well, which I think is so amazingly great. I was a wreck all morning without him: a dizzy, fetus-shaped blob in bed, hungry but unable to eat. He swooped in, fed me a baked potato, and hugged me until the dizzys went away. He’s a keeper.

This outfit just sort of happened. I, for some reason, hung the dress and shirt on the same hanger at some point, and when I opened my closet I decided it was meant to be and put it on in a sick-induced haze of carelessness. This is me sick: pulling at randomly matched things in my closet, pairing it with oxfords in an effort to make it cute, and moving on. I kid you not. That was pretty much my thought process when getting dressed at 5:00 today. No worries though, I’m all better now (thanks, boo), and ready for some action (i.e. putting away the laundry that’s been staring at me for the past three days).

Tomorrow: a post dedicated to Oreo (and her canine friends). So. Cute.

Also, I snuck in a photo of Marc for good measure.

One Skirt, Two Ways (Parte Dos)

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Tank - Gap; Skirt - Target; Necklace - Charlotte Russe; Sandals - LOFT

So here’s the Spring version of this skirt. Cute, right? I love pairing black and white with bold colors, and the bright turquoise (is that turquoise?) necklace and coral sandals are the cherry on top of my simple, yet interesting, Spring ensemble.

I’m going back to school in a few days, so Marc and I have started our week-long, super sentimental “see you later, love.” We hate it, but it’s comforting to know that the next time I come home for more than a few weeks I’ll be coming home for good. And that’s worth a little separation anxiety right now.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I forgot to mention this yesterday: at this time next year, I will be packing my bags and heading to Rome for an entire term. I’m so excited. It honestly came out of nowhere because I was so sure I wasn’t going to be selected for the Art History study abroad program. I still can’t believe it. It’ll become real to me when I’m on that excruciatingly long flight to Rome next year. I’m going to get my passport tomorrow and everything, woo! *sigh* Ten weeks in Rome. How amazing. AND Marc is going to come visit me. Isn’t that the best thing ever? I cannot wait.

Added a photo of Marc looking sharp. He could be a petite male model, for sure.

One Skirt, Two Ways (Parte Uno)

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Shirt, Skirt - Target; Tights - Hue; Flats - F21

Here’s the Winter version of this skirt, which is funny because these photos were taken yesterday, and I took the Spring photos today. Thanks, Miami, for your spastic weather. It’s like the city knew that today was supposed to be the first day of Spring, so it made up for it by being extra cold (by Miami’s standards) yesterday.

Something exciting: Marc and I are starting to figure our SLR out. You’ve probably noticed that these pictures are fifty times better than anything you’ve seen on here before, and that’s super exciting to me. Except Marc is taking this photog schtick quite seriously, so now he gets all bossy pants when he’s taking pictures of me. It goes something like this now: “Pose like this, over here.” “But I don’t wanna take anymore pictures. I’m tired.” “One more. Come on. DO IT.” “Ugh.” That’s basically a representation of our entire relationship. I kid, I kid. I’m the bossy pants.

Be sure to notice the weird photo where I’m “dancing” in an effort to look “fun” and “approachable.” It’s working, right? Don’t laugh.

Um, I love this skirt so much. It has ruffles and it’s a decent length, which is a huge bonus in my book. For someone of my small stature (I’m 5’1″) it’s amazingly difficult to find skirts that don’t look like I’m trying to prove that I’m a natural brunette. If. You catch. My drift. So this skirt is a breath of fresh air. I see myself wearing it a lot, because it can be dressed up or down, which is a huge bonus for any piece in one’s wardrobe, and it can do any season, another huge bonus.

And now I’m off to cuddle with my temperamental photographer, in an effort to get him to take off his bossy pants. Don’t be gross.

Just because.

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Isn’t she ridiculous? I can barely stand it.

Irreverence is key, my friend.

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These photos are from Sunday when we went to the dog park by the in-laws’ house. Oreo loves the dog park. As we get closer, she gets rowdier, until she’s bouncing around the backseat in a frenzy and drooling out the window. It’s actually quite cute. Don’t let this picture fool you: Oreo is never calm, collected, and respectful; she’s always insane, hyper, and irreverent. That’s my girl.

And here’s Tawni. She’s Oreo’s canine bff. They don’t actually play together, but they’re both completely unsocial and dislike other dogs, so they roam around the park sniffing stuff with each other.

My outfit, I must say, was so. cute. I felt adorable, and slightly Southern, but not in a tacky cowgirl-esque manner. It was more classic American girl (at least from the waist up). I particularly love my chambray button down because it has little flower detailing along the neckline, collar, and inside, which is a nice feminine touch to such a classic piece.

Shirt, Skirt, Belt - F21; Sandals - Target

Marc took a picture of me sleeping (the man is obsessed):

We had Coia and Becka over that night, and we went to the supermarket to buy supplies so we could make chocolate covered strawberries (DELISH), and I took this photo of them. Don’t they look like a famous couple, annoyed that the paparazzi found them yet again? I love it. I love them; they’re seriously great.

Oh. I am now a self-proclaimed official photographer of foliage and flowers because a) they pose without talking back, and b) they always come out vibrant and pretty. See?

This is the first post that didn’t have a single picture of Marc. How sad is that? Very sad, indeed.

Hey, there.

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Today has been a great day. Marc and I went to his parents’ house and had dinner with his brothers, their girlfriends, his parents, and his grandfather. We always have such a wonderful time when we’re all together; all we do is rag on each other and laugh. Plus, Marc’s dad made his world famous (well, famous in our world) steaks, and they were delicious. I don’t know how he does it, but they get better every time he makes them.

These pictures are from a few days ago, when Marc and I went to this Mexican restaurant near our apartment. I planned on taking photos of our delicious meals before we dug into them, but we were so hungry, and the food smelled so good, we completely forgot. So I had to be content with taking photos of our plates after we’d cleaned them out.

I got a steak quesadilla. So. Good.

And Marc got these fried tacos that looked almost like taquitos. Not that you can see them in this picture, since he’d already devoured them all.

Also, here is a photo of the best salsa we’ve ever had in our lives (no idea what’s in it, but it’s seriously delicious):

I must say, Mexican food is at the top of my list of favorites, and this Mexican food was just great. If you’re ever in Miami Shores, you have to visit Burritos Grill Cafe. On to the outfit…

We went to Barnes and Noble after dinner (our date night routine), and Marc took photos of my outfit there, until one of the employees told us we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the store. Oh well, I guess they’re afraid their competitors (all one of them) is going to steal layout ideas, and the only way to document these ideas is via photo (not). Whatever, I let it go because she was just doing her job, but come on.

Jacket, Romper, Necklaces - F21; Bracelets - Thrift, Coach; Bag - Modcloth; Shoes - UO

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit because I felt put together, but still unrestricted. Seriously, what’s more comfortable than a romper? The loafers, I think, gave it that little something extra that pulled the entire look together. I sort of threw this on, and I ended up loving it. I’m probably going to wear it again sometime in the next few days. I have the habit of loving an outfit a little too much, some might say, because if I really like it I end up repeating it within the same week, something everyone seems to think is just atrocious. You know what? I. Love. It. What’s better than putting on an outfit you already know looks good on you? Plus, since it probably hasn’t been washed, it has that broken in feeling AND has the lingering scent of your perfume from the last time you wore it. Is that gross? Let’s move on…

Here’s Marc. He’s cute.

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