I’m baaaack!

March 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

Hi! So, I finally got a new and improved camera. We upgraded from a point and shoot to an SLR, and we have barely any idea how to use it, but it’s been a lot of fun testing things out and learning. I was so excited when it arrived yesterday, but I was almost afraid to hold it because I didn’t want to accidentally drop it; it felt like I was a new mom, and I was holding my precious bundle of joy for the first time, haha.

The very first picture I took:

Hi, Marc! Of course he had to make a ridiculous face. *sigh*

I took outfit shots last night, but it wasn’t so much about the outfit as it was about the camera. I didn’t really put together anything groundbreaking; Marc and I only wanted an excuse to take picture after picture.

Cardi - H&M; Dress, Heels - Target; Bracelet, Watch - Gifts; Necklaces - F21, Nordstrom; Weird Expression - Self-made

Honestly, though, aren’t those shoes to die for? I. Love. Them.

Here’s a perfect example of us not knowing how to properly use our bundle of joy. Totally unfocused, but still SO MUCH BETTER THAN BEFORE. It’s insane the difference a good camera can make. Even the not-so-great pictures look acceptable! (I’m really excited about my new camera. Can you tell? Sorry!)

Hahaha, I really wanted to take a picture like this for some reason. Mister Photographer sighed, laughed, and let me have my way. He’s a trouper, even when I’m doing strange things like above. But, come on, what woman doesn’t want her picture taken with her hair whipping behind her? Granted, most people a) have their eyes open, b) look sexy, and c) don’t look like I do above. I don’t care; it was fun, and I was giddy. =)

The odds of there ever being a photo of just my head on this blog ever again is slim, mostly because I don’t think I’m the slightest bit photogenic, but my hair was cooperating yesterday, and I felt it needed to be documented. The growing out process for us curly headed bunch is rife with trials, tribulations, and tears, so we must celebrate the good days. My hair is getting so long I’m going through a bottles of mousse at an alarming rate. I’m going to have to either find a new product or cut some of this hair off (I’m leaning towards the latter).

Um, isn’t he gorgeous?


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