Irreverence is key, my friend.

March 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

These photos are from Sunday when we went to the dog park by the in-laws’ house. Oreo loves the dog park. As we get closer, she gets rowdier, until she’s bouncing around the backseat in a frenzy and drooling out the window. It’s actually quite cute. Don’t let this picture fool you: Oreo is never calm, collected, and respectful; she’s always insane, hyper, and irreverent. That’s my girl.

And here’s Tawni. She’s Oreo’s canine bff. They don’t actually play together, but they’re both completely unsocial and dislike other dogs, so they roam around the park sniffing stuff with each other.

My outfit, I must say, was so. cute. I felt adorable, and slightly Southern, but not in a tacky cowgirl-esque manner. It was more classic American girl (at least from the waist up). I particularly love my chambray button down because it has little flower detailing along the neckline, collar, and inside, which is a nice feminine touch to such a classic piece.

Shirt, Skirt, Belt - F21; Sandals - Target

Marc took a picture of me sleeping (the man is obsessed):

We had Coia and Becka over that night, and we went to the supermarket to buy supplies so we could make chocolate covered strawberries (DELISH), and I took this photo of them. Don’t they look like a famous couple, annoyed that the paparazzi found them yet again? I love it. I love them; they’re seriously great.

Oh. I am now a self-proclaimed official photographer of foliage and flowers because a) they pose without talking back, and b) they always come out vibrant and pretty. See?

This is the first post that didn’t have a single picture of Marc. How sad is that? Very sad, indeed.


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