One Skirt, Two Ways (Parte Dos)

March 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tank - Gap; Skirt - Target; Necklace - Charlotte Russe; Sandals - LOFT

So here’s the Spring version of this skirt. Cute, right? I love pairing black and white with bold colors, and the bright turquoise (is that turquoise?) necklace and coral sandals are the cherry on top of my simple, yet interesting, Spring ensemble.

I’m going back to school in a few days, so Marc and I have started our week-long, super sentimental “see you later, love.” We hate it, but it’s comforting to know that the next time I come home for more than a few weeks I’ll be coming home for good. And that’s worth a little separation anxiety right now.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I forgot to mention this yesterday: at this time next year, I will be packing my bags and heading to Rome for an entire term. I’m so excited. It honestly came out of nowhere because I was so sure I wasn’t going to be selected for the Art History study abroad program. I still can’t believe it. It’ll become real to me when I’m on that excruciatingly long flight to Rome next year. I’m going to get my passport tomorrow and everything, woo! *sigh* Ten weeks in Rome. How amazing. AND Marc is going to come visit me. Isn’t that the best thing ever? I cannot wait.

Added a photo of Marc looking sharp. He could be a petite male model, for sure.


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