Why are you following me?

March 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

Chambray shirt, Oxfords - F21; Coral Dress - Thrifted F21;

Marc was all up in my grill today playing Mr. Paparazzi. He would not stop following me around. He’s lucky I think he’s cute, or he’d be in a lot of trouble. ; )

I was really sick last night and today, and fiance only worked a half-day so he could come home and take care of me. Luckily his job allows their employees to take sick days if their significant other isn’t feeling well, which I think is so amazingly great. I was a wreck all morning without him: a dizzy, fetus-shaped blob in bed, hungry but unable to eat. He swooped in, fed me a baked potato, and hugged me until the dizzys went away. He’s a keeper.

This outfit just sort of happened. I, for some reason, hung the dress and shirt on the same hanger at some point, and when I opened my closet I decided it was meant to be and put it on in a sick-induced haze of carelessness. This is me sick: pulling at randomly matched things in my closet, pairing it with oxfords in an effort to make it cute, and moving on. I kid you not. That was pretty much my thought process when getting dressed at 5:00 today. No worries though, I’m all better now (thanks, boo), and ready for some action (i.e. putting away the laundry that’s been staring at me for the past three days).

Tomorrow: a post dedicated to Oreo (and her canine friends). So. Cute.

Also, I snuck in a photo of Marc for good measure.


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