A day and five flights of stairs too late.

March 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Um, hi. So I’m back at school (today was the second day of classes), and that explains my lack of posting these past few days. Marc and my mom drove me up Friday night – Sunday morning (in the words of my cousin Dominick: “I don’t drive. I get driven.”), which was probably the longest three days of my life. Cars aren’t big, just in case you didn’t know, and that means that every time I got out at a gas station or sustenance center, it looked like I was a paraplegic taking my first steps. I was a cramped leg mess, and I was grouchy, but Marc was there, and I got to listen to whatever I wanted on the radio, so it wasn’t so terrible.

I don’t have any outfit shots because 1) I need to order a tripod, 2) it’s been raining since I got here (Hello, New Hampshire!), and 3) classes are life consuming and all encompassing on day two, what the fuck? I’m going to try to order a tripod tomorrow with some of the money my school gave me for books and such (pfft), so that I can start taking regular photos again.

For now? Pictures of Oreo.

Isn’t this dog just the most? You may ask, “The most what?” JUST THE MOST. That’s it. She’s so great she defies adjectives.

Oh, the title of my post is in reference to the five flights of stairs that lead up to my dorm room. Five. Flights. Is that even legal? What happened to child labor laws? I shouldn’t have to walk up FIVE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS so I can sit in my room and do nothing. What is this? Am I supposed to seriously get up five flights of stairs when I’m inebriated, delirious, and wobbly? Where did I go wrong?

Also, yes, I realize I’m posting that first photo for the second time, but come on, seriously.


§ One Response to A day and five flights of stairs too late.

  • Munky says:

    What about your fiancé, who carried your refrigerator up those five flights of stairs? No love for me?

    Things will turn around, honey. They always do. And if they don’t, I’m still here. Forever.

    Love you.

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