David’s House

April 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve begun this little project where my goal is to try two new things a week, and volunteering at David’s House was one of those things. And I’m so glad I did it. It made my Friday even better than it already was.

Tonight I cooked dinner for the residence of David’s House with some of the members of my sorority. The story behind this place is awesomely inspiring; I recommend clicking on the link just to read it (and maybe donate).

I was the most experienced in the kitchen (frightening, I know), so I made the Chicken Parmesan, which was delicious, but the other girls put together the salad, made the pasta, and took care of dessert (also delicious). We kind of made a lot of food. It was really gratifying to see the looks of appreciation on everyone’s face.

I didn’t take many pictures of the residents because I didn’t want to be invasive, but I did get a shot of one of the cutest little girls ever, Carmela. : )

I was obsessed with this hanging light fixture. (Can I call that a chandelier?)

Carmela’s dad asked her what she wanted to do after dinner, and she said “Can we go see mommy?” Her mom is in the hospital, and she wanted to see her instead of play with toys or watch TV. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve heard in a while.

Dessert was delicious.

Also: Marc bought plane tickets today, so he’ll be visiting me in May! I’m so excited to officially have a date to circle on my calendar.


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