Can it be?

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Already looking forward to Spring…

Tommy Hilfiger never disappoints. Spring 2011 collection photos from



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Little pieces of my day from my job at the library’s info desk.

Nothing to do with fashion.

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Sometimes memories trickle forth like long forgotten enemies, taunting you with all you didn’t know then, and pushing you to begrudgingly accept all you know now. It’s interesting, the way our perceptions change over time as we get older, wiser, more bitter in our view of the world. How exactly does it happen? When exactly does it happen? I try to pinpoint the time in my life when I started holding on to things — the little things that build up, bubble over, and froth forth like some sort of toxic waste, eating up the little bits of light in my life, in my childhood, lingering over me during the years as I got older, wiser, more bitter in my view of the world. The little things become bigger, cloud the aspects of my life that I’d like to remember, but somehow can’t anymore, each day the good parts of my childhood growing smaller and smaller, until all I have left is the ugliness. How do people rid themselves of it? I used to wonder that all the time; I still wonder it from time to time, but things have slowly become clearer to me. Gradually, with much resistance, much fighting, arguing, and denial, I have realized what I need to erase all of the ugliness I’ve clung to for so long, and he waits for me, patiently, as I slowly inch my way towards him, smiling.

Hi, my name is Christina.

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Uhm, hi blog. It’s been a while, and I’ve missed you! School got overwhelming, sleep got nonexistent, and stuff hit the fan, so I had to put the fun in my life (i.e., this blog, getting embarrassingly drunk, and skyping with Marc) on the back burner. Hopefully this summer will be different; I’ll be at school, taking classes and learning stuff, but it’ll be warm and sunny, so I’ll be outside a lot and taking pictures. Woo! I’m so excited about school this summer. Sophomore summer is a bit legendary on our campus, so I can’t wait to see if it lives up to the hype.

I’m at home right now for a couple of weeks, resting up (read: sleeping everyday until 1:00 PM) so I can be refreshed and beautified for school this summer (if I look hot, my profs will like me more, obviously). Marc and Oreo are plotting ways to get me to stay this summer. What they don’t know is that I’m plotting ways to get them to Dartmouth, and I possess far more ingenuity than I let on.

T-shrt: H&M; Dress: F21; Sandals: Gap; Dog: Cute Chloe

This dress has been sitting in my closet for quite some time, and I decided to give it a go the other day when we were headed to the dog park. Isn’t it so summery? Lately I’ve been all about the gingham, and I need more, more, more! Except I know it’s a complete and total phase on my part, so I’m refraining from partaking in this current obsession of mine. Best to temporarily want and keep my money in my wallet.

Here’s an attractive face. (This is the face I make when my photographer suggests I pose in some foolish way.):


A little inspiration.

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Photo credit here.

Cemetery Romping and a Life Update

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Just a few pictures I took the other day at the cemetery behind my dormitory. (Yes, there’s a cemetery on my campus, right behind my living space.) I took a ton of photos, and I’ll post more of them over the next couple of days.

This was actually supposed to be posted on April 23rd, but for some reason I saved it as a draft instead of publishing it. Here’s a little update on my life:

Last Thursday I was studying for a midterm with one of my friends when I got horribly sick. I vomited up everything in my stomach; I was shaking, dizzy, and nauseated; I couldn’t stand or walk without feeling like the whole world was tilted; and I was really dehydrated. I ended up being taken to the hospital on campus, finding out I had vertigo because my ears had been clogged for three days, and spending the night hooked up to an IV. It was probably one of the worst nights of my life, and I missed my exam the next morning because I wasn’t released in time to take it (not that I would have been able to concentrate). Thankfully, I’m a lot better now, and my professor let me make-up the exam when I was feeling better, but whew! what a night I had. I’m also lucky I had a friend who knew to get me to the hospital. It was scary though because I’d never had an IV before, and Marc wasn’t there to take care of me, so I felt a little lost on top of being completely out of it.

Better news: I’m being social and making tons of friends this term! My goal to break out of my loner shell is on its way to completion. How exciting is that?!

Just Fiddling.

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It’s been one of those days where I don’t know if I’m happy or sad, so I spent my day inside, taking naps, reading blogs, and watching “Interview With The Vampire.” I must say, it’s a great movie, but probably not one I should have watched by myself since a) I’m a huge scared-y cat and b) I had to walk down to the creepy basement of my dorm moments after having finished the movie, further heightening the effects of a). Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, and Tom Cruise were really top notch in the movie though, so I can deal with the potential nightmares I’ll be having tonight. (Sorry for the 2 AM call in advance, Marc!)

Other than that, things are great. I’m counting down the days until my boo and I are reunited once more, and I’m trying to not stress about the huge workload that is threatening to mercilessly overtake my fragile frame. Though, since I’m currently blogging in lieu of reading, I don’t know if I can rightfully complain about the latter, so I won’t.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot more photography blogs, looking for different tips and tricks, because I think it’s so much more interesting to learn about photography from people who know and love it as opposed to reading it out of a manual. Plus, I like looking at pretty pictures and pretending I took them. Is that weird? I’m going to act like that’s not weird.

Next, I’m going to try to tackle film in the form of the Diana F+. (That’s me: starting something new before I’ve perfected something old. What can I say? I’m a go getter, move onner, go getter something newer/shinier/expensive-er.) In conjunction with that, I’m also going to stalk every office space on my campus in search of a scanner I can use so I can post said photos on this here blog o’ mine.

So, I realize this blog is apparently morphing into a photography/lifestyle blog, which is perfectly fine with me because I absolutely¬†adore photography and lifestyle blogs, but fear not: I still plan on featuring my outfits here, but I think instead of my clothes being the main course I’ll just have a lot of little appetizers. (Food analogies are always a yes.) It’s more fun for me, which means I’ll post more often, which will make the two of you who read this so. freaking. happy.

Goodnight, lovey!